Big Data, Meet Real Estate

Sequent Enterprise: Bridging the Gap Between Real Estate and Big Data

In a perfect world, every detail in a real estate project would be tracked, addressed, and taken care of in a timely manner. Fortunately, until the world is perfect, Sequent Enterprise will help you accomplish your goals, while saving you time, money, and reducing risk. The key focus of the Sequent Enterprise solution is pulling data from your projects and making sense of it all.

Key Data Points

Exploit All Business Data for Your Needs

As a real estate professional in today’s industry, you need software that specifically caters to your needs. Sequent Enterprise provides multi-unit marketers and developers in commercial and residential markets with tools that translate big data into bigger decisions.

  • Unit Data – Distill key project unit data to analyze sales, availability, and demand for your latest developments
  • Market Data – Track the trends and prices of the developments in your target area, giving you a bird’s-eye view of your competition and opportunities
  • Transaction Data – Never let information fall through the cracks with a centralized secure database to share between your transactions’ key parties

Actionable Data Reporting

Summarize Your Big Data with Visualized Reporting

Rather than spend endless hours scouring spreadsheets, multiple applications, and separate databases, streamline your processes with the software that guides you from lead-to-close. Sequent Enterprise’s customized reporting takes your prospect, unit offer, and sales data and condenses them into visualized charts and graphs that make sense.

  • Market Analysis Intelligence – Know your next lease or sales opportunity in a slow market
  • Unit Stacking Charts – Analyze unit-by-unit breakdown of the interest, offers, and closings for your multi-unit development
  • Dynamic Data Visualization – Turn your raw data numbers into interactive charts and graphs for key decisions and insights

Prospect Data

Never Lose Track of Prospects and Clients with Sequent Enterprise CRM.

A lead is another name for a future client, and they should be treated as such. Sequent Enterprise consolidates and organizes your lead data, so you never lose track of your potential clients.

  • Sort, filter, and rate your leads to prioritize and target your next opportunity
  • Send direct messages to leads from Sequent Enterprise to keep future prospects informed and in the loop
  • Export your lead list to your interconnected devices, like your smartphone and computer tablet

Real-Time Analysis

Making Sense of Your Data with 24/7 Analysis and Tracking

In today’s digital landscape, more data is collected in a week than in all of civilization prior to the new millennium. Real estate marketers and developers are no exception. Sequent Enterprise delivers a streamlined process to scale your constant data and simplify it to a digestible format. In other words, we’ll put your data to work for you.

  • Built-in data streams to increase marketers’ and developers’ efficiency in decision-making
  • Project snapshots and comprehensive reporting make your information available 24/7
  • Export real-time statistics to Excel or PDF files to evaluate your project status, step-by-step